Terms And Conditions

The purpose of the terms and conditions is to emphasize the rights and responsibilities of both DissertationWriter.ai and customers availing of the services.

Terms and condition is the contract that binds a user and a service provider. It could also be a disclaimer, particularly while using websites. Make sure, before using the site, to understand each and everything. Please Read this agreement carefully, as it passes legal information about your legal rights and remedies.

Agreement To Terms

Dissertationwriter.ai set the general terms and conditions for using the site and services. The website service agreement (this “Service Agreement”) governs your website use regarding assignment writing services. This agreement constitutes the terms of the services and applies to you personally or on behalf of the organization. Having disagreed with the terms, you are restricted from using the site; disconnect with it as soon as possible.

The information presented on-site is for usage or distribution by any individual or organization in a jurisdiction. Using and distributing data without permission is against the law. If the site access location is from a different country, you are using it at your own risk.

Intellectual Property Rights

If not otherwise specified, we own the site and its contents, including databases, software, source code, website designs, video, audio, text, photographs, and graphics (collectively referred to as "Content"). The organization is protected from 360° and controlled by safe hands. Trademark and copyright laws and several other intellectual property rights, and unfair competition laws protect all the data and logos on sites.

We have authority and copyright regarding site logos, service marks, and trademarks included on the Site.

Your Obligations; Representations & Warranties

As soon as you decide you use the site, you are directed to be truthful and guaranteed:

(1) All the information you provide during enrolment is truthful, accurate, current, and complete.

(2) You will make sure to keep this information accurate and update it promptly when necessary.

(3) You must have legal rights to register yourself.

(4) Your age must be 18; the age restriction is solely for the purpose of securing AI usage.

(5) Guardian’s permission is applicable if you are a minor.

(6) The site is not structured for entertainment purposes, don’t use for any illegal or unauthorized purpose.

At any point, if we find the provided data untruthful and inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, we have the authority to dismiss your application or terminate your account and deny any present or future use of the Site.

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